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Language of the Month

We at EP Collier are extremely proud of the wide range of languages spoken by the many different people that make up our school community.


In order to celebrate our unique tapestry of languages, we have decided to select a Language of the Month each month that is spoken by a member of our school.


If you would like to suggest a language to be Language of the Month or would like to learn more about any language, please contact your teacher or Miss Gillanders.

Pallavi Speaking Tamil

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Tamil is found mainly in Southern India and Northern Sri Lanka. It has one of the oldest written traditions in all of Asia and has a rich body of literary work, some of which is almost 2,000 years old. 


The language is spoken by almost 69 million people world wide and is the second language of almost 8 million people in India.


Translation into English


Hello, how are you?


My name is Pallavi.


am 10 years old.


My teacher is Miss Gillanders.


I like arts and crafts.


I don't like lies.


We have five members in my family. Me, mum, dad and two younger sisters; Swathi and Vaibhavi. All three of us study at the same school.


Thank you.


Thank you Pallavi for your contribution. We look forward to bringing you another language from our school's diverse linguistic make-up.