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Parental comments

"I thought this day was a really good idea as parents never get to see their children in the classroom environment. It also gave an insight into how your child behaves in class and also shows their enthusiasm for learning " Year 1 parent.


"It was good as we did some Rangoli patterns" Year 1 parent.


"I like the idea of celebrating the world maths day and making the hat celebration." Year 3 parent.


"I found the World Maths Day was very successful as the whole day children spent in doing different maths activities. It was really great to see that children realise the importance of maths and that day is a motivation for learning with fun. I appreciate the time and effort you displayed. Thank you for inviting us." Year 2 parent.


" My child and I both enjoyed making the Maths hat. We solved so many problems meanwhile. The opportunity to sit in the class and watch a lesson was something I really enjoyed. The input from the teachers and the involvement of the students was amazing." Year 2 Parent.


"My child thought maths day was awesome" Year 3 parent.


" I found it very useful to see what my child was learning at school in maths. I would have found it more useful if we could have been taught how to teach our children the basics at home." Year 3 parent.


"It was a great to be in the class with children.  Really impressed with the way the whole program was organised and the enthusiasm of the children was mind blowing.  Looking forward for more things like this." Year 4 parent.