Bag 2 School Collection - Tuesday 27th February

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Starting Dates

Start Dates...

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To help all the children settle confidently and happily into their new classes, we are staggering the start dates and children will start on different days. The teachers gave you a slip outlining this arrangement and giving you specific dates. Feel free to phone or email the school office if you have lost this information or are unsure of these dates.


If you have not yet made an appointment and would like the opportunity of a home visit before your child starts school please contact the school.


  • Weeks beginning 6.9.17 & 11.9.17: Home visits by Foundation Stage staff
  • Week beginning 11.9.17: Every child will attend for one morning visit in a small group, to get to know the teacher. Parents are encouraged to leave their child.
  • From Friday 15.9.17  -  20.9.17: Children will start school on different days. Children will only be required to stay for the morning on their first day. On this day please drop off your child at 8.45am and collect them at 1pm, after their lunch.
  • From then on children should be dropped every day at 8.45am and collected from school at 3pm.
  • PLEASE NOTE we expect all children will be attending full time, everyday by Thursday 21.9.17.