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Year 3 DK

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Welcome to the year 3DK class page.  


PE will take place on Thursday and Friday.  Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit.



Children are required to read everyday at home, preferably with an adult and have their reading book changed at least once a week.



A visit to the school library will be on Monday.  Children will be able to choose books to take home to read and change them on the following Monday morning.



Spelling will be given on Monday.  This will involve children researching words with similar spelling patterns.  A test will be conducted on Friday. Ten basic words with the spelling pattern will be chosen.


Thank you for your support


Mr D. Khimji

Times tables 1 to 12. Children should learn as many of their times tables as possible from 1 to 12, including corresponding division facts.

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Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4

Spelling Week 1

-s   and -es


Children to investigate words that end in -s and words that end in -es


Remember the hissing sound


church ,   box   , fish,  bush    all have -es at the end

churches    , boxes   , fishes,  bushes



Spelling Week 2


words ending in 


 - ing


 words ending in  e  have the e removed  before adding ing, e.g  wave   waving

words with vowel before the last letter. Double the consonant and add ing


other wise just add ing

Spelling week 3 Week beginning 24 September


words with the prefix  

                                   - un    and   -dis


unaware                  disagree

unwell                      disappear

Spelling Week 4,  WB 1 October 2018


Investigate words which have apostrophes

for example

can't    -    can not

won't    -    will not

I'll         -    I will


Remember the apostrophe has to be in the correct place


wouldn't  (correct)     would'nt (incorrect)




Spelling Week 5  WB 8 October


This week you will be looking at the year 3 and 4 spelling word list.  Try and make pyramids 







You need to know how to spell all the words by the end of Year 4.  You have plenty of time to learn them.

I will test you on the 10 words on the list.  8 easy and 2 challenging.

Spelling Week 6 WB 15 October 2018


Investigate homphones


words which sound the same but the spelling is different


e.g   wait      weight

        flower    flour