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Year 3 DK

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Welcome to the year 3DK class page.  


PE will take place on Tuesday and Friday.  Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit.



Children are required to read everyday at home, preferably with an adult and have their reading book changed at least once a week.



A visit to the school library will be on Monday.  Children will be able to choose books to take home to read and change them on the following Monday morning.



Spelling will be given on Monday.  This will involve children researching words with similar spelling patterns.  A test will be conducted on Friday. Ten basic words with the spelling pattern will be chosen.


Thank you for your support


Mr D. Khimji

Times tables 1 to 12. Children should learn as many of their times tables as possible from 1 to 12, including corresponding division facts.

Home Project

Next term Year 3 will be learning, Earthquakes or Volcanoes which is worse? In Geography.  

So for homework can you make a model of a volcano which will need to include a crater because at school we will be making the volcanoes erupt!!

The links below give a step by step guide as to how to make a model volcano. 

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Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4

Spring Term 2

Week 1




Investigate words with the following prefixes


super-    and   auto-

Homework project

After the Easter half term we are learning about Ancient Egypt. As a homework project we would like you to complete one of the following activities:


Make a sphnix

Make a 3D pyramid

Or a mummy. 


Attached below are the resources to help make one or more of the above or you can be creative and create your own 3D sphnix, pyramid or mummy. 

We look forward to seeing them and putting them up on our display for the classroom. 

Summer 1


Week 1 spellings

words -el, -le


e.g  camel  ,   table


Week 2


Statutory word list for year 3 and 4





Summer 1    Week 1


Investigate words with the letters ou

What sound do they make in each word?