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Year 3 EH

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Important information


PE will take place on Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit; shorts or jogging bottoms, grey / black, white polo shirt or plain white t-shirt, trainers or pumps. 



Children are required to read everyday at home, whether it be from a book / magazine / newpaper if entirely up to yourself and the child. It is preferably to read with an adult and have their reading book changed at least once a week with their reading record signed.



A visit to the school library will be on Tuesday. Children will be able to choose books to take home to read and change them on the following Tuesday afternoon.



Spelling will be given on Monday.  This will involve children researching words with similar spelling patterns.  A test will be conducted on Friday. Ten basic words with the spelling pattern will be chosen.


Thank you for your support


Miss Harling

Week Six Spelling


This week we have been practicing ten words from the year 3/4 statutory spelling list. 


Children should practice the following words: 

  • Breath
  • Breathe
  • Complete
  • Heart
  • Material 
  • Minute
  • Naughty
  • Often
  • Woman
  • Women


Week Five Spellings: 


This week we are looking at the prefixes Sub- and Tele- 


Some examples include: 

  • Submarine
  • Subway
  • Telegraph
  • Television 


Children should research the pattern at home. A list of the ten simplest words will be tested on Friday

Week Five Spellings 


This week we are investigating changing words using the suffixes  -ness and -ful 


Kind ---> Kindness 

Fair ---> Fairness 

Pain ---> Painful

Success ---> Successful 



DO NOT drop the 'e'

Hope ---> Hopeful 


If the word ends with 'y' change to an 'i'.


Beauty ---> Beautiful 

Week Four Spelling:


This week we are investigating the /g/ sound spelt ‘-gue’ and the /k/ sound spelt ‘-que’ 


Some examples include: 

  • tongue 
  • cheque
  • league
  • antique 
  • unique 



Children should investigate the spelling pattern at home to ensure they are prepared for the test on Friday. 

Week Three Spellings: 


This week we will be practicing spellings from the National Curriculum year 3/4 spelling list.

We will be looking at the following words: 


  • answer 
  • circle 
  • early 
  • February (remember the capital letter!)
  • fruit
  • history
  • library
  • natural 
  • quarter 
  • sentence


Children should practice the spelling words through creating relevant sentences or word pyramids







Week Two Spelling:


This week we are looking at the /ɪ/ sound spelt ‘y’


Some examples: 

  • gym
  • myth
  • pyramid
  • mystery
  • Egypt

Term 2, Week 1. Spelling. 


This week we are looking at the prefix's Mis- and Re- 


Some examples are: 

  • Misbehaving 
  • Remix
  • Replace
  • Misplace 
  • Replay
  • Misunderstood  



Mis- has only one s. NOT Miss Understood! (its a word not a teacher!)

Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4

Helpful links to support Maths and English 

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Times Tables

Children should try to practice their times tables from 1 all the way through to 12, as often as they can. 


The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4

The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4 1