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Year 4

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Our Class Teachers are Miss Dass and Mrs Arshad

Dates for your Diary

Any important dates will be added here, so be sure to keep checking this page!


26th-27th March: Lower Key Stage Two Production

3rd-4th April: Parents' Evening

1st May: 1st swimming session at John Madejeski

What are we learning this year?

Would you like to know what we are learning this term? Here is an outline of the topics we will be covering:


4HD have PE lessons on Monday and Tuesday

4TA have PE lessons on Wednesday and Friday


Beginning Wednesday 1st May, children will be attending compulsory swimming lessons every Wednesday afternoon. This will be for a total of 10 sessions/weeks. Please ensure that children bring a swimming costume and towel with them, preferably named and in a plastic bag, and that jewellery is removed and hair is tied back.


Please can you ensure that your child brings in the correct PE kit. This consists of a school t-shirt or plain white t-shirt, navy blue shorts and trainers or pumps. Optional items include navy jogging bottoms and a navy sweatshirt or hoodie for cold weather. Please can we also ask that all jewellery is removed and hair tied back, for health and safety reasons.


For this unit of Maths,we are mastering: Shape

Our Maths Learning Journey is:

Identify angles


Compare and order angles






Lines of symmetry


Complete a symmetric figure


The national curriculum objectives are are learning are:

Any help you can give your child in these areas is greatly appreciated!

Compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes

Identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles up to two right angles by size

Identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes presented in different orientations

Complete a simple symmetric figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry

Here are some websites to support our learning:

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For our English unit this term, we are looking at the book How the Whale Became and Other Stories by Ted Hughes. In our writing, we will be looking at stories with morals. We will be considering who these stories are generally written for, why they have been written and how this will affect our choice of vocabulary. By the end of the unit, we will be creating our own story with a moral.

The National Curriculum objectives that we will be learning to apply in our writing are:

  • To discuss writing similar to that which we’re planning to write to learn from its structure, vocabulary and grammar
  • To create characters
  • To create plot
  • To use and punctuate fronted adverbials
  • To extend the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions
  • To assess the effectiveness of our own and others’ writing and suggest improvements


Here are some websites to support our learning:

Here is a recommended reading list:


Spellings will be tested on a Friday afternoon and new spellings will be given out on the same day. Occasionally, these new spellings may not be given out until the Monday of the following week.


This week's Spelling Pattern (w/c 13/5/19): apostrophes for possession including singular and plural nouns

Some examples are: The boy's trainers, James's coat and the dogs' ball are in the car's boot.

How many others can you think of?

What is the rule when adding the possessive apostrophe?

How does this change for plural nouns? What if they end in an 's' already? 

This website may help you find some more words that follow this pattern/rule:


The spelling patterns for Term 5 are:

w/c 29/4/19: words with the 's' sound spelt 'sc' e.g. sciene

w/c 6/5/19: words that end in the 'shun' sound spelt 'sion' e.g. explosion

w/c 13/5/19: apostrophes for possession including singular and plural nouns e.g. The boy's trainers, James's coat and the dogs' ball are in the car's boot.

w/c 20/5/19: words: homophones (words that sound the same but have a different meaning and are spelt differently) e.g. their, there and they're

The spelling patterns for Term 6 are:

w/c 3/6/19: Year 3/4 National Curriculum Words

w/c 10/6/19: words with the 'ous' suffix

w/c 17/6/19: the 'ly' suffix added to words ending in y, le and ic

w/c 24/6/19: words with the 'anti', 'un' and 'in' prefixes

w/c 1/7/19: words with the 'sub', 'inter' and 'super' prefixes

w/c 8/7/19: words with the 're', 'dis' and 'auto' prefixes

w/c 15/7/19: Year 3/4 National Curriculum Words


Follow the link below for an online copy of the  year 3/4 words: