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Year 4 HD

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Our Class Teacher is Miss Dass

Dates for your Diary

Any important dates will be added here, so be sure to keep checking this page!


We have our PE lessons on Monday and Tuesday so please can you ensure that your child brings in the correct PE kit. This consists of a school t-shirt or plain white t-shirt, navy blue shorts and trainers or pumps. Optional items include navy jogging bottoms and a navy sweatshirt or hoodie for cold weather. Please can we also ask that all jewellery is removed and hair tied back, for health and safety reasons.


European Day of Languages - 26th September

Science Day - 5th October

Year 4 Topic Homework Task

Our topic next term is Rivers and the Water Cycle- we are going to do lots of exciting investigations and experiments! If you would like a project to focus on for the holidays, why not try one of the below and bring it int o share with us all. 

Write a poem about a river or a creature that lives in one.  Create 5 maths word problems based on a river theme! Find the lengths of the 5 longest rivers in the world. What other facts can you find out?
Use 2 plastic bottles to create a rain gauge and measure how much rain we have over the Easter holidays.  Create a collage out of recycled materials that is linked to rain, rivers or water e.g a waterfall, a cloud  Draw or paint an image of a river- look at, compare or copy the style of Claude Monet. 


Have a lovely holiday!

Miss Dass and Miss Barnes


What are we learning this year?

Would you like to know what we are learning this term? Here is an outline of the topics we will be covering:

For this unit of Maths, we are mastering  TIME

It is really very important that your child can read the time using both analogue and digital clocks.

Follow these links for a really good teaching clock and some fun games to play too. 




The national curriculum objectives we are learning about are:

  • read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12- and 24-hour clocks
  • solve problems involving converting from hours to minutes, minutes to seconds, years to months, weeks to days


We have also been learning about fractions, including:


  • recognising tenths and hundredths
  • tenths as decimals 
  • placing tenths (including over 1 whole) in a place value grid and on a number line
  • dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 
  • dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 100
  • finding fractions of amounts e.g. 3/4 of 28
  • finding equivalent fractions 2/3 = 4/6 = 10/15
  • counting in fractions on a number line
  • converting improper fractions to mixed numbers e.g. 1 2/3 = 7/3 and in reverse


Any help you can give your child in these areas is greatly appreciated!!


Here are some websites to support our learning:

Maths Homework- due in Friday 27th April. A copy will be given out in class too

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For this unit, we are looking at writing to inform. The children will be creating information pages based around our Science and Geography units, using nouns and pronouns for clarity, conjunctions to extend their sentences, using headings and subheadings to organise information and organising paragraphs around their subheadings.


Here are some websites to support our learning: 

Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4


This week's Spelling Pattern: Test Time!


After half term we will be testing the statutory spelling words for Year 3 and 4.

You have been given a copy of the words and we will be testing them to see how you are doing! 


Why not try practising 10 a day over the week or playing hangman with a friend or sibling. 


Follow the link below for an online copy of the words: