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Year 5 MG

Hello everyone, welcome to 5MG. Our class teacher is Mr Griffiths.


Other adults in the classroom are Mrs Arshad, Mrs Le Cras and Ms Stewart.


If you have questions or need to discuss anything, please see me after school or make an appointment via the school office.


Please find below our Curriculum Map showing what we will be learning this year.


Picture 1



We do PE on a Wednesday and Thursday, but PE kits should always be in school in case this changes.


Children should have water bottles in school with plain water and a healthy snack for break time.




                                                                          Spellings of the week.


This week our spelling theme is Homophones and our focus words are:


                                               aisle  /   isle


                                             aloud  /  allowed


                                            affect  /  effect


                                             herd  /   heard


                                            past  /  passed


Please practice these words at home in sentences to practice the meaning. 

Spellings: Week Beginning 15/10


This week, we will be learning words from the Year 5/Year 6 spelling list. Not all of them! To begin with, we will be learning to spell the words which begin with the letter 'a': accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available average 

Which spelling strategies will you use? Don't forget to use your spelling journals and our helpful class posters! frown



Please find below our Maths plan for this year and the order in which the subjects will be taught.