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Year 5 VG

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Welcome Letter

Welcome to Year Five!


Our teacher is Miss Gillanders.


IMPORTANT: We have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. Don't forget to bring the right kit-and make sure your hair is tied up! no


What are we learning this term? mailmailmailClick here to find out!



Spellings w/b 10/09

Investigate the spelling pattern 'ough'


Spellings w/b 17/09

Investigate words with silent letters


Spellings w/b 24/09 

Investigate words borrowed from other languages


Spellings w/b 01/10

Investigate the suffixes 'ible' and 'able'


Spellings w/b 08/10

Investigate homophones and near homophones 






Spellings: Week Beginning 15/10


This week, we will be learning words from the Year 5/Year 6 spelling list. Not all of them! To begin with, we will be learning to spell the words which begin with the letter 'a': accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available average 

Which spelling strategies will you use? Don't forget to use your spelling journals and our helpful class posters! frown


You can find the complete list of Year 5/Year 6 words here: 

Reading in Year Five

How many of these have you read? Miss Gillanders challenges you to read them all! She is also trying to complete the challenge! Don't forget to leave your reviews and recommendations on our Reading Wall! 



During our whole class reading sessions, so far this year we have been enjoying The Imaginary by A F Harrold and Emily Gravett. 

Here are some examples of our RIC work based on this text:


If you enjoyed reading this book, here are some other titles by the same authors: 

Skills we focus on when we read:

Skills we focus on when we read:  1
Skills we focus on when we read:  2
Skills we focus on when we read:  3
Skills we focus on when we read:  4
Skills we focus on when we read:  5
Skills we focus on when we read:  6
Don't forget to read EVERY DAY! Use your red Reading Journals! Once 8 activities have been completed, you will be able to select a 'Prize Book' to take home and enjoy at any time!

Recommended Reading List - Year 5



Click on the link to see the curriculum map for Year 5-this will show you what we learn in maths this year, and in which order.