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Year 6 TH

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Half-term homework ideas:

- read as much as possible: books, newspapers, magazines, websites, comics, etc

(We will be studying World War 1 poetry in the next half-term so any information you can get about that will be useful.)

- practise the spellings of the Year 5/Year 6 word-list (these words or similar ones will be tested in the SATs exams.)

- learn the times-tables up to 12x12 so you know them rapidly

- pay attention to anything to do with fractions, decimals and percentages as we will be studying these in Maths

- try and work out any of the 4 operation strategies you weren't sure of (some of you still need to be more certain with column subtraction, multiplication and both long and short division

It has been a great half-term working with you! I really liked your encyclopedia entries about the HMT Empire Windrush and loved the imagination and creativity in your fantastic beast work. It was great to see semi-colons, relative clauses, embedded clauses, fronted adverbials and cohesive devices being used so skilfully along with sophisticated vocabulary: well done, everybody!

Furthermore, your progress at using a wide range of strategies to calculate 4 operations problems was very impressive and you have got much better at using a system to make sense of word problems; again - well done!

Your Science work on classification systems showed that you really understood the lessons and I saw a great variety of charts, decision trees and Venn diagrams being used - super!

You learned a lot more about the Mayans but unfortunately we won't be able to study to find out what actually led to their decline - it would be interesting for you to find out for yourselves and build your own hypotheses.

It was inspiring to see your efforts in gymnastics and in hockey and je suis content avec votre progres en francais- tres bien!

You worked well during our study of how Muslim people and others demonstrate their commitments and I was impressed with your respect and sensibilities.

There was some great drama work in PSHE as we learned about rights and feelings and i hope you remember to follow our class charter which we all signed.

I'm sure there are many elements which I've forgotten but, to sum up, well done for all your hard work and positive attitudes - it has been a lot of successful and hard work which has also been fun.

Enjoy your break and I will look forward to seeing you back at school on the following Monday.

Remember: learn as much as you can about anything and everything! it's a big beautiful and fascinating world out there!
Yours faithfully,

Mr Hearfield


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Times Tables Test on Fridays. How soon can you reach 100%?

Practise your spellings by using the National Curriculum spellings for Year 5 and 6

Recommended Reading List- Year 6

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Reading Inspiration 


It is really important to find the right book for you but it also important that you experiment with different authors and genres.


Any reading is better than no reading, you can read:

  • newspaper articles
  • biographies
  • fiction
  • gaming information
  • recipes 
  • leaflets
  • information texts 

"I can't be bothered to read. What's the point?" Have a look at what children's authors have to say about reading. They might just change your mind. :)

Information For Parents


Your child is at an age where they might prefer to read independently. This is 100% OK. However, from time to time, it is beneficial for your child to engage in book talk.




Example Questions You Can Ask to Prompt Discussion

What are pronouns? Oh, I remember...

Our spelling patterns for this half term, Autumn 2018

 - ible  (e.g. invisible)

- able  (e.g. reliable)

 - ibly  (e.g. possibly)

 - ably (e.g. probably)

 - fer  (e.g. transfer)

 - ferred  (e.g. referred)

 - ferring (e.g. inferring)

 - ference (e.g. conderence)

Spelling Test

Every Monday 


Every Monday PM and Tuesday PM 

Remember, if you are happy for your Year 6 child to travel home alone after school, you must complete a form from the office to give your permission. Thank You!  no