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Activities to try at home

  •  Could you have a look outside your window and see what the weather is like, can you draw what you can see? What can you hear? Can you add some labels to your picture using your phonics?


  •  For PE, can you think of all the different ways we had been travelling, sliding on our tummies, crawling, side stepping and balancing on different parts of our bodies. Can you balance on one leg, one hand and one leg, your bottom? Can you teach someone in your family?


  •  Can you have a look around your house, do you have any  recycling, perhaps an empty bottle, box or tube? Can you find something to put inside to make an instrument? Perhaps some pasta or some beads? Can you make some instruments that sound like different types or weather? Can you make quiet and loud sounds? Can you use your body to make different sounds? Clap or stomp to make some loud thunder, make the noise of the wind with your mouth.
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