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Autumn term 2

This term we will be using the text 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne and 'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World' by Kate Pankhurst as our texts in English



In Maths we will be continuing with addition and subtraction within 10. Some of the ways we will be doing this include: 



We will be learning about the life of Mary Seacole in History, building stable structures in Design Technology, creating sculptures in Art, singing in Music and the sense of belonging in PSHE. 


We endeavour to update this page weekly to update you on all our learning! 

Week 5!


said, are, into, once 

This week we have been learning all about Mary Anning! We have been writing all about her huge discoveries and thinking about what we would like to find. 


As always, we have been focusing on using our phonics to spell words and using capital letters and full stops in our sentences. 


In maths we have moved on to 2d shapes. On Tuesday we used lollypop sticks and 2d shapes to create shapes and pictures! We then moved onto to recognising and identifying 2d shapes including circles, rectangles, squares and triangles. Next week we are going to use 2d shapes to make patterns!


In topic we wrote a fact file all about Mary Seacole, we wrote about how her bravery and kindness helped soldiers. 

In PE we have started a dance unit using streamers, we used the streamers to go high and low and write our names in the air! 

We have also designed our structure in DT - next we are going to build it! This means we still need any recycling you have at home! 


Week 4







This week we started our new text 'Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World' and learnt all about the life of Frida Kahlo. 

In our writing we wrote facts, what we painted in her pictures and thought about what we would paint if we were an artist like Frida Kahlo. 

Next week we will be learning about Mary Anning! 


In maths we have been learning to identify 3d shapes.

We used the shapes to build towers and found that cubes, cuboids and cylinders were the best shapes to use. We also made 3d shapes using playdough. Tomorrow and Monday, we will be thinking about how we can sort the shapes into groups before moving onto 2d shapes! 


In DT this week we have been thinking about how we can strengthen materials before we make our own structure. We experimented with tubing, folding, using an 'L brace' and a slot to strengthen paper. 





Week 3

Spellings: me, be, they, there

Please remember to send in reading books everyday as we try to hear the children read as often as possible. Thank you. 


This week in year 1 we finished our English unit using 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. We are really looking forward to starting our new book 'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World' next week! 


We have also completed our addition and subtraction unit in maths, this week we have enjoyed watching this video as an end to our learning each day:

Next week we will start learning about 3d and 2d shapes, so look out for any shapes at home!


This week is national 'Anti-Bullying Week' and this year's theme is 'Reach Out', we thought about all the ways we can reach out to help a friend or reach out if we need help ourselves. 


In history we compared hospitals and hospital care now with when Mary Seacole was a nurse in the Crimean War. 


Year 1 were very disappointed that we had to postpone our trip to Sandy Park due to the weather, so  we decided we would paint a picture of a park instead. First we sketched then we used watercolours. 



Week 2!

Spellings: go, you, saw, one. 

*please note we still need any recycling bits you have! In particular cardboard bits like cereal boxes!

In English we have been continuing to read 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. This week we have read the dad's voice and Charles' voice. We imagined what they would write about their time in the park. As always, we are focusing on using our phonics knowledge to spell words and using a capital letter and full stop in our sentences. 


In maths we have been doing subtraction! We have practised using the subtraction symbol in number sentences and using practical objects and numberlines to calculate the answer. We have used lots of talk using:

First there were 5 birds. 

Then 3 flew away.

Now there are 2 birds. 

5 - 3 = 2 



In history we learnt more about Mary Seacole's amazing life. We then took sequenced the events of her life in order

In DT we began learning about structures around us. We thought about the different features of playground equipment and what made them a structure. We will come back to this when we visit the park on Wednesday!

In art we started our sculpture unit by junk modelling... here are just a few of our sculptures! We hada falcons, houses, schools, snow men...


See you on Tuesday! 

Week 1...


In our English lessons we have been thinking about what you might find in a park. We have started reading 'Voices in the Park'. The mum did not enjoy the visit to the park! Next week we will read the next voice. Here are some examples of work from this week, it is fantastic to see children using their phonics! 


In maths we have continued with addition, using adding by adding two groups together and by counting on.


Then we used our part whole models to find a missing part, with number questions such as 4 + _____ = 6


In topic we began learning about the life of Mary Seacole. We thought about what we know about her already and asked questions about what we would like to find out! 



We also created some firework pictures to celebrate bonfire night tomorrow! 

Our spellings for next week are:






Have a lovely weekend! 

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