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Listening walk


Sounds are everywhere all around us, even in your home!

Today we are going to go on a listening walk.

To do a listening walk at home we walk around, stopping in each room we visit. When you stop, stay very still and quiet, and use your best listening ears to help you to listen really carefully to all the sounds.


Before you go on your listening walk you may want to make a special listening headband or hat to wear. This can be done by using a strip of paper as a headband, and drawing and cutting out some large ears to stick on the band. You can make a pair of giant human ears or perhaps even some bunny ears, or cat ears!


Questions to ask yourself on your listening walk:

What can you hear?

Where do you think it is coming from?

What was the loudest sound you heard on your listening walk?

What was the quietest sound you heard on your listening walk?

In which room did you hear the most sounds at once?

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