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Daily Challenge- Music

Introducing A Musical Score (Graphic Score)

When we first introduce children to the concept of following music on paper we use a graphic score with pictures. This teaches them to follow the score from left to right and that the pictures tell them how and what to play.


Learning Intentions

  • To explore the sounds that can be made with their voices and bodies
  • To know that sounds can be written down so that they can be followed or played
  • To "read" a musical score from left to right


Introducing Weather Sounds.mp4

Still image for this video

Following a graphic score.mp4

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Using the same picture symbols can you make a sound story of your own? In which order will you make the sounds?

Can you think of some other things that make a sound outside and add them to your story with a picture?


I would love to hear you playing your sound story!

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