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Daily Challenge

Learning Intention for Today: 

To explore collections of materials with similar or different properties and to talk about what they see, using a wide vocabulary.


Can you explore floating and sinking with your child. This may be best done at bath time or you could fill the sink or a bucket. Collect a variety of small objects for them to test themselves after watching the video. Children will often think that it is the size of an object that makes it heavier and it will therefore sink, so it is good to give them some large objects like cardboard boxes to test (and small objects like tiny stones). Objects like card and paper are interesting because they may float initially but will eventually sink as they become saturated. Does it matter what an object is made of?


What is important is the prediction and observation skills that your child is developing. Are they using the language sink and float, do they guess what might happen and describe what they see? Can they begin to draw their own conclusions about what might be happening and why? let them test out their ideas rather than giving them the answers. Further up the school they will learn more about why objects float but for now they only need to know that some objects float and others do not. That is because some are denser (more solid) than others.


Can you sort your objects like this?

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