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Daily Challenge - PE


Learning Objective for Today:

To listen to others and follow instructions

To develop increasing control over small apparatus

To use an underarm throw


As today is a wet day we are going to try and do some physical activity inside. If you can get out to the park or garden this will be even better.

You will need:

  • A ball (ideally a football or beach ball). If not a large orange or grapefruit would work
  • A beanbag or small soft toy (weighted with beans if possible) or rice tied tightly in a bag
  • A box, large pan or basket
  • A clear space to jump about


Warm Up

We are going to play the Bean Game. The children have played this before, watch the video below and join in. Remember to listen carefully!


Ball Skills:

1.Follow the video and have a go at home.  


2.Use a beanbag or soft toy for the throwing practice. Can you get it into the box or pan? Parents, it is really important that you make sure your child is throwing underarm not over arm (this will save your sitting room ornaments too!)

Extend this activity by moving further away from the target box or by making the box/pan smaller. Can you still get it in? 


Cool Down/Relax

Follow one of the calmer sessions on Cosmic Yoga Kids to relax and cool down.


Meditation/Relaxation Sessions also available on youTube 

(Please note I have not personally checked all of these online videos)




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