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Daily Challenge- Literacy

Story Sequencing- The Runaway Pancake

It is very important that the children have listened to the story of the Runaway Pancake (in the Storytime section of the webpage) before attempting this activity.

Learning Intentions

  • To be able to create & use a simple story map
  • To become really familiar with the sequence of events, characters and language of a story
  • To be able to re-tell a familiar story using their own language and repetitive phrases from the text
  • To compare and contrast familiar texts and stories

Creating A Story Map

Still image for this video

Story Map of The Runaway Pancake

Please make your own storymap.

Start at the beginning of the story and try to recall together all the events one at a time. You may wish to tell the story in less detail. Draw one simple picture for each event and then an arrow to the next picture.


When the story map is finished start at the beginning and retell the story using the pictures together. Can your child remember the repetitive phrases? Can they make the voices of the characters?


"Please stop rolling, I want to eat you up"

"No, no, no I'm too fast for you!"


Perhaps your child can re-tell the story to someone else?

You could try this activity with another story that they know well.

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