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Daily Challenge- Literacy Activity

Whatever Next!

Learning Intentions

  • To be really familiar with the events and sequence of a simple story
  • To be able to retell a familiar story in the correct order
  • To be able to talk about the events, characters and setting of a familiar story


Please make sure your child has listened to today's story "Whatever Next!" by Jill Murphy (See Storytime). Remind your child about the story map work we started at the end of last term.


Talk about the story with your child and use the following questions as a prompt...

Did you like this story? Why?

Can you remember all the characters in the story?

What made Baby Bear want to go to the moon?

What did he use to help him get to the moon?

Do you think he really went to the moon? How do you know?


Use the word mat below to make sure that your child has all the vocabulary they need to re tell the story. Talk about any new words and what they mean.

Pictures to encourage discussion

Help your child to make a story map for the story. If they struggle to draw the pictures it is fine for you to draw the pictures for them if they wish. What is important is that they are able to recall and link the events in the right order. Ask them to re tell the story using their storymap to help them.


The following video will remind them how to make a story map. It is fine for their's to be different from mine.

Whatever Next- Story Map

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