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Daily Challenge

Literacy - story map


Learning intention: I can talk through the events of a story in the correct order.


When you've listened to the story of Whatever Next come and have a go at making a story map with Miss Knight.


Depending on what is most suitable for your child you may choose to follow the first video or the second. Your child does not need to take part in both. It is recommended that if your child is in the blue phonics team they may like to watch the first video which is about sequencing the events of the story. If your child is in green phonics team they may be ready to try retelling the story verbally and draw their own story map.


Alternatively, regardless of phonics teams, if you have a teddy, a cardboard box, and any other props from the story at home, your child may prefer to reenact the story using toys.

Here are some words to help you recall the events in the story. Can you use some of them when you retell the story?

Story map

Sequencing pictures from a story

Story map

Making a story map from scratch.

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