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Daily Challenge

Is there life in space?


Learning intention: I can explore different textures and join pieces together. I can make creative choices and talk about my ideas.


Do you think there could be alien life on other planets? If so, what do you think aliens might look like? How might they speak? Where might they live?


Today's challenge is to create your very own alien using any materials you like. Look around your home and see what you can find for making with. You might like to try one or more of the following:


painting a picture



modelling with playdough

junk modelling

building with construction materials

puppet making...


the list is endless...


Watch the video to see how Miss Knight comes up with ideas and talks about her process.


When you make your alien try to talk about how you are making it as much as possible, and don't worry if it doesn't go to plan. Everybody's alien will look different!

Remember to give your alien a name when it's finished!

Daily challenge: making an alien!

Use any method you like to create an alien. Here are some examples of how you could get started.

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