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Daily Challenge

The Solar System

Learning Intentions

  • To know that our solar system is made up of 8 different planets
  • Make direct comparisons between sizes (using the language bigger then, smaller than and similar to)
  • Develop hand eye co-ordination skills when using a template, cutting out and using brushes/pencils 

Look at all the planets...can you see Earth? Can you see the sun? How many planets can you count? The sun is a star not a planet. Can you say their names?

1. Can you find 9 things in your home which will help you to draw 9 circles, all of different sizes.


2. Holding each object down carefully in one hand, draw around the circles on paper.
3. Cut out your circles (or practise cutting one and ask an adult to help you with the rest)
4. Can you place your circles in order from smallest to largest.
5. Planets are really 3D spheres, but today we are going to make them flat. Use your biggest circle to be the sun. Which planet is the largest? Can you find the next largest circle and label it. Which planet is the smallest? Can you find the smallest circle and label it, if you have room. Can you choose one circle for each planet, looking at their sizes carefully. Are any of the planets a similar size?
6. This time place your big sun first and then put all your other planets in the right order like in the poster. Which planet is the closest to the sun? Which is furthest away from the sun? Which planet do you think is the coldest and which is the hottest? Why?
7. You can now paint or colour your circles if you want to make them look more like planets. Maybe you could make some rings for some of them.
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