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Daily Challenge

Make Your Own Non Fiction Book

Learning Intentions

  • To be familiar with the features and use of a non fiction text
  • Know that non fiction texts provide information


Fold 2/3 pieces of paper together and staple along the spine to make a simple book for your child. Talk about what your their non fiction text will need to have.


1. What will your book be about? Could you make a book about space perhaps? Write the title on the front cover.


2. Who is the author of this book? Write your name on the front.


3. It is important to have numbers on your pages, so write these in next, one on each page.


4. Can you think of 3/4 things that you know about this topic? These are going to be the facts in book.


5. Leave the first page clear for your contents. On each page draw one picture for each fact. Can you write a simple caption underneath (Eg. Stars shine light)


6. When you have finished go back to the contents page. Can you write down a word to tell us what is on each page and then the corresponding page number.


7. Find someone to read your book to. Remember you do not need to read it from front to back. Ask them to choose from the contents page.

Tips For Parents

This activity is about helping your child to be familiar with the features and use of a non fiction text. It really does n't matter if they cannot manage to write all the pages for themselves. Can they tell you something they know for you to write down. By helping you to number the pages and list the contents they will be learning about how the book works.

Make sure they choose a topic they are interested in and know a few facts about. You may wish to complete it over a few days.

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