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Daily Challenge- Investigating Ice (Part 2)

Investigating Ice!

Yesterday you helped me to make some ice. We predicted that putting water in the freezer would make ice. Shall we see what happened?

Watch the video and encourage your child to make some predictions?


*What will happen to the ice now that I have taken it out of the freezer?

*Which blocks of ice will melt first?

(The ones in the warm kitchen, the one in the fridge or the one outside?)

*Why do you think that?

*Do you think the size of the block of ice matters? Do big blocks melt more quickly?


Remind your child that it is ok to be wrong. This is just a guess.

Now watch the next video and see if you were right!

So were you right?

What have you found out about ice from our investigation?


Did all the ice melt at the same speed? Why not?

Which place do you think was the warmest and coldest? How do you know?

Do bigger blocks of ice take longer to melt? How do you know?

Is water the only thing that can freeze in the cold?

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