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Daily Challenge - Make a Boat

Learning Intention (Understanding The World):

-To explore different materials, in order to develop their ideas about how to use them and what to make

-To develop their own ideas and decide which materials to use to express them

I want you to think about the floating & sinking investigation we did earlier in the week. Sometimes by changing an object we can make it float. 


*Find an empty plastic water bottle and check that it can float. Now fill it up with water and try again. What happens this time? Why do you think this is?


*If you have blu-tac or plastacene roll it into a ball and test it in the water. Does it float or sink? Now make it into a bowl shape and try again. What happens this time. If you don't have blu-tac you can look at my pictures.

Can you have a look in your re-cycling and see if you can find something that will make a good boat. Remember it will need to be waterproof so it does n't let the water through and get soggy but also a good shape for floating.

(Parents: It is good to let the children try things out. Let them investigate, it does n't matter if they choose unsuitable things first, this is how they will learn)


Which of my things do you think will make a good boat?

Use your own ideas to make and decorate a boat for Noah and his animals. perhaps you could add a sail or paint it. Can you test it to make sure that it floats?

Send me a picture!

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