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Updates from Mrs Mifflin

Friday 26.2.21

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Can you help your child choose a favourite book character and make a costume for us to see? You will need to take a photo and send it to Mrs Mifflin before Thursday. Extra praise for being ingenious with the things you have in your home!

Check out the website and get some ideas from watching the stories in the Share a Story Corner


Sunday 21.2.21

Welcome back everybody!

Hope you have had a good half term holiday

This term we are going to be learning about Space. Please can collect junk and boxes as you will need them later in the week as we continue learning about 3D shapes.


Monday 8.2.21

Don't forget to send us some pictures of your "No Screens day". What did you get up to?

No Screens day

Thursday 28.1.21

This weekend the following event is taking place. It would be a lovely project for the children if you are looking for something to do...let us know what you spot.

Bird Watch 2021

Sunday 24.1.21

It's snowing!

Make sure you get out and explore.

Friday 22.1.21

Look what I saw when I went out for a walk this morning! Has anyone else been out to look at the ice? You need to go out early because what will happen when the sun starts to shine...?

Wednesday 20.1.21


This is a great website which we use a lot in class. Parents are able to access it too at the moment...

Free Access To Phonics Play

Tuesday 19.1.21

Thank you for sharing with me all the amazing things you have been doing at home and for all the messages you have made for your friends.

Look at these amazing boats you have made...

Monday 18.1.21

Have a look at today's daily challenge. Let's see how many messages we can make for our friends!

How much rain do you have in your rain collector? Look at mine now. This is 1 week of rain. How long do you think it will take to fill to the top?


Friday 15.01.21

Sadly the Teams live meet ups are still not happening. Many of the EYFS children (being new to the school) still do not have a log in and for safeguarding reasons it needs to be done through their own email accounts. Understandably the IT company that supports the school is inundated so we are having to wait our turn. It seems unfair and confusing to do the meets for some of the children and not others. We will let you know as soon as this is up and running.

Please remember to complete the weekly challenge over the weekend. 


Wednesday 13.1.21

Have you got any water in your rain collector yet?

Look I have a little, I am going to leave it out until the end of the week.


Tuesday 12.1.21

If any of you are interested in some yoga for kids this is quite a nice site. You can choose the level of relaxation or energy you want them to have and some of the yoga follows familiar stories.

Please note I have not watched all of these videos or checked them personally.



Monday 11.01.21

Please could parents email me and let me know how they are finding the online learning. Is it working for you and your child? Is there anything we could do to improve it or make it easier to use at home? 

Thank you to those who have already responded.

Thursday 7.1.20

Below is a powerpoint we usually share with parents at a workshop on learning to write. You may find it useful to read when helping the children with writing at home. I have also added our knowledge organisers which show what the children should know by the end of this term. In phonics we are currently still working on learning Term 2 sounds.

Helping Your Child To Learn To Write

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