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Hello how are you song

Learn to sing and sign the Hello How Are You song!

*Apologies for the mistake in the next video! See if you can spot it...


What day it it today? What season is it and what is the weather like?

Literacy - using Winter vocabulary to write a list

If your child is in the blue phonics team they can watch the demonstration and then create their own list using whichever mark making stage they are at. This might look like shapes and squiggles, pictures or even the beginning of some letter shapes. Most importantly make sure to ask them to tell you about their list if they are attaching meaning to their marks. Can they point to each item and tell you what it means? Sound out the words they say and write it down for them to see.


If your child is in the green phonics team ask them to use their sound mat to help them to attempt to write their words. The most important thing is that they are saying their word out loud, listening to the sounds in their word, and beginning to apply their phonic knowledge to form words. These do not have to be spelled correctly and most probably won't be if they are hearing and spelling the words phonetically.

Writing a Winter list

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