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  • Read chapter 12
  • Go through the vocabulary slides so you know what some words mean.
  • Today you are finishing writing the rest of your summary from Tuesday into a diary entry. So if you had 6 main bullet points from Ahmet's journey you should be turning the final 3 into mini paragraphs. 
  • On Tuesday you included expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials and on Wednesday you made sure to include relative clauses. Today include at least 4 embedded clauses thoughout today's writing. Remember these are in the middle of a sentence and use the punctuation ,, -- or ()
  • Re-read chapter 10 from Tuesday's lesson if you need to as you can magpie from it.
  • We have not finished your diary entry yet so don't worry if it isn't perfect as we will continue turining it into a masterpiece tomorrow.
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