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This week by Friday we will have written a newspaper article highlighting some of the problems refugees face. Some of you have already done this before Christmas, which means you will be more confident, and some of you have not. Either way it is a chance for improvement. 

By the end of the week you will have finished the whole book which means reading the remainder of the chapters from 14 - 26. You can read however many chapters a day you want but you need to finish it by Friday.

Today you will look at some newspaper model texts and identify the features used.

  • First go through the power point
  • Then look at the model text and highlight, colour code and label the features of a newspaper AND the SPaG features.
  • Next look at the answers to the features in the model text. This is in the PDF labelled lesson 11 model text as it could not be renamed.
  • Finally read some of the chapters, looking at the power point slides of vocabulary which go with them.

This should prepare you to write your own newspaper article now that you have been reminded of the features and SPaG used.

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