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Friday 12th June

Today, we'd like you to practice your spelling by having a go at at the crosswords below. The answers are all from the Year 5/6 statutory spelling list. You don't need to print the crosswords, but see if you can work out the answers and use this as an opportunity to practice your spelling.


Good luck! 

Thursday 11th June

LI: To correctly use apostrophes for possession and contraction.


Today we are learning apostrophes. Listen and watch the video below to explain the start of the lesson. To make the image of the book bigger you can make the video full screen by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

June10 1214.wmv

Still image for this video

Now it's your turn to have a go. You may remember from The Explorer book that there were four main child characters. Con, Fred, Lila and her brother, Max. There is also the mysterious explorer that we met later in the book. 


We would like you to write some sentences based on these characters to show possessive apostrophes and examples of apostrophes for contraction. There are a further 2 pages from the book below to give you some ideas.


We would love to see your work, so if you're able to email it to us at:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Wednesday 10th June

LI: To appropriately use similes and metaphors.


The English lesson today is all about practicing the use of similes and metaphors.


Firstly, look at the page below from The Explorer, can you spot any similes or metaphors? If you can, why do you think the author has chosen to use them in the way she has? How do they help create a picture in your head? 


Now look at the link to the BBC Bitesize website and work through the learning and activities on the page.

Picture 1
The final part of the lesson is to apply what you know about similes and metaphors. Below is a page from The Explorer. Can you try and rewrite this page and improve the writing by including appropriate similes and metaphors. If you want to email us your work you can contact us by email at:
Picture 1

Tuesday 9th June

Today, the focus is on spelling and the next set of words from the Year 5/6 statutory list. The words for this week are:




Remember to use the different spelling strategies to help you practice and to check in a dictionary if you aren't sure of the meaning. Can you include the words into a sentence so that you practice the word in context? As an extra challenge, can you think of synonyms or antonyms for these words?


Monday 8th June

LI: To understand how the choice of modal verbs can affect the meaning of a sentence.                                     


The focus of this lesson is to look in more depth at modal verbs. We have learnt about these during our time at school and have revised them recently, so the aim is not just to learn what modal verbs are, but how the choice of modal verb can affect the meaning or impact of a sentence.


So to start, if you have a book or newspaper/magazine or an online article, have a read and see what modal verbs you can spot. Think about the context in which they're being used and if you can think of other choices of verbs that would fit.


Next, look at the link to the web page below and watch the video and complete the activities.

If you want some further ideas, there is a word mat below with a range of modal verbs. 


Now have a go at the independent work sheets. You don't need to print them, but can think about your choices or write out the sentences.

Now, listen to Mr Griffiths discussing some of the possible answers and how they might change the meaning of the sentence.

June05 0100.wmv

Still image for this video