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Friday 19th June


Today, there are further words from the Year 5/6 statutory list to practice. Remember the different techniques you could use to practice and these can be found in previous spelling lessons. Also, remember to check the definition if you aren't sure and try including these words in sentences so that you can use them in context.





Thursday 18th June


Now that we have finished reading Treasure Island, we would like you to write a book review about the book. In your review think about these points:

  •  Summarise the story in a few sentences. What was the plot? Who were the characters?
  • What genre is the book?
  • When was the book set, is it recent or historical? 
  • Did you enjoy it or not and why? You need to be able to justify your opinion using evidence about the book.
  • Who do you think might want to read it - who would be the target audience?
  • Would you recommend the book and why?
  • Anything else you want to include and you think is relevant.


There is a document below which will give you some ideas about planning your review.


We would love to see your reviews, so if possible, can you email them to

Wednesday 17th June


Before we start today's reading, Chapter 22 is called The Black Spot Returns. What do you predict will happen in this chapter, using your previous knowledge about the Black Spot?


Now read the chapter to see if your predictions were correct.


Finally, read the last few chapters up to Chapter 26 and then have a go at the VIPERS questions below.

Chapter 22

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Chapters 23 & 24.MOV

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Chapters 25 & 26.MOV

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Tuesday 16th June


Today, we are continuing with our work on Treasure Island. There are two videos below with the chapters to read and then some VIPERS questions to work on. Remember, you can make the videos easier to read by clicking on the full screen icon in the bottom right hand corner.

VIPERS questions

Chapters 18 & 19.MOV

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Chapters 20 & 21.MOV

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Monday 15th June


First a quick quiz about the book!

What is the name of the main character who tells the story?

Who or what is The Admiral Benbow?

Who is Long John Silver?

What is the Black Spot?

Why are they travelling to find on Treasure Island?

How will they be getting there?


Answers below.....

June15 1100.wmv

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Now, the next activity is to read some chapters of the book. There are two videos to watch, pause the video each time the page is turned so that you can read the text.


Then have a go at the VIPERS questions that are attached. Go back and check the pages as they are on the video to help you answer the question.



Chapters 14 & 15.MOV

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Chapters 16 & 17.MOV

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