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L.I: I can write a set of instructions

Today you are going to write some instructions for the breakfast that you made yesterday. If you didn't make anything yesterday, you could write some instructions for making a bowl of cereal, some toast or a sandwich!

Watch the video below to learn a bit more about what we use instructions for and how we write them.

Writing instructions with Stefan Gates | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Suitable for 5-14s. TV chef Stefan Gates uses a cake recipe to outline how to write a set of instructions. From a series of BBC clips teaching key writing sk...

You can also look at this powerpoint to get some ideas of what to include in your writing.
Now have a go at the activities on this website to practise what you've learnt about instructions. Click on the 'interactive whiteboard' link to get started.

Now its time to get writing. Remember to include:

  • A title
  • A list of ingredients and equipment
  • Numbers instructions
  • Bossy verb
  • Time conjunctions (first, next, then, finally)
  • pictures


Good luck!

You can print off the instructions template if you want to or you can write them straight onto a piece of paper.

There is also a bossy verb word mat attached below to help you.