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*LIVE* Friday

                 Good Morning Everyone!


Can you still remember the new words we talked about yesterday? Tell someone at home about them.





Watch my video below to help me write a message to Percy The Park Keeper


Phonics Session:


Maths Learning

Play a game with your child.


You will need:

10 small objects each (Eg. pennies, beads, pasta)

2 small containers or lidded boxes 

3 pieces of paper with the words "more", "fewer" ,"same" written on them

A large piece of paper or whiteboard for keeping score


  • First player takes a quantity of small objects and puts them in his pot (cover it up so nobody sees!)
  • Second player does the same
  • Check your pots and see who has "more". If you have more, give yourself a point on the whiteboard
  • Place the paper labels next to the pots so your child sees the words for more/fewer/same in context
  • Repeat until one player gets 5 points and wins the game
  • If you get the same amount, nobody gets the point.


Repeat this game but the second time you win the point if you get fewer objects than your partner.

If your child is able to do this easily try using number cards rather than objects as this is more abstract for them and is the next stage.



  • If your child is in orange team start with only 1-5 objects.
  • If your child gets clever to this and deliberately puts in 10 (or 1) each time that is a good sign, they have understood the concept. Make it harder by using a die to throw or by pulling pictures of objects out of a bag so that there is an element of chance.
  • You can use the words "less" or " fewer" the children need to hear both. Fewer usually refers to a quantity that can be counted whereas less can be an amount that cannot be counted Eg. less water.
  • Children usually find "fewer" much harder than more so try and use it around the house during the day (Im giving you fewer potatoes than Dad/ Oh, you have fewer buttons on your coat than me)
  • EXTENSION: Mix up the game so that sometimes you both decide the winner will have more and the next time you decide the winner will have less. This will encourage them to think harder. 


The links below go to games that will reinforce this concept. 


Percy's Friends

Daily Challenge (Literacy)

Watch my video at the top of this page first and then have a go at writing your own note for Percy. Click on the pictures above to have a good look at the animals in their new homes. Which animal will you write from?

Remember to sound out the words you want to write using your fingers slowly. Use your sound sheet from your pack if you cannot remember what the letters look like.


Please have a go at writing a short message for Percy. Get someone at home to help you think about the sounds as you spell out the words and remind you to leave big finger spaces.


Can you help someone at home to sound out the words you want to write. It is fine for someone else to write the letters down for you. Perhaps you can copy their writing underneath.


This activity should take a maximum of 15 minutes. After this the children will struggle to focus and may lose interest. It can always be finished later. I do not expect the children to be using the cursive script yet but it is important to show them the correct way to form the letters. 


  • The children are still developing confidence in using the letter sounds to write words. It is therefore fine if they do not spell the word correctly. Do not "give" them the spelling, let them try and sound it out for themselves.
  • There are still combinations of sounds they have not yet been taught. Help them with these. If it is a sound they should know let them try. 

(Optional) Special paper to print for Percy's message

Story Time
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