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Friday *LIVE*

Discussion/ Topic

Use these questions as discussion starters over breakfast or during a walk outside.

Extra Challenge

Make a musical instrument

Can you find a small, clean, empty food container to recycle? Use it to make a shaker. An old butter tub, yoghurt pots or plastic bottle would be ideal, but a plastic food container from your lunch box will work just as well if your recycling has already been collected!


Experiment with using different things to fill it with to make different sounds. For example you might try uncooked rice, dry pasta, buttons or chick peas. You could make more than one shaker and compare the different sounds they make! Which one is louder/ quieter? Why do you think that is? Can you make a shaker that sounds like the wind bowing, like in A Very Stormy Night?

Story time

The Storm Whale by Benji Davies

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