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Today there are a series of fun activities for you to try out to practise your recall of the 5x table.


Players choose 6 multiples of 5. Have someone call out some multiplications for the five times tables or write them down and pick them out randomly. If the answer is one of the multiples you've written down, cross it off. When all 6 have been crossed off, call out bingo. The first player to do this is the winner.

5 Times Table Track:

You can print the track off or make your own! All you need is a piece of paper and pencil.

5 Times Table Cards:

There are many different ways to use these cards. It is really easy to make a set of these yourself.

Matching: You can match the multiplication to the answer (product).

Ordering: You can order the multiplication and answer from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.

Pairs/Memory: Spread the cards out, face down. Players take it in turn to pick up any two cards. If the cards have the same value e.g. 5x2 and 10, the player keeps both cards and gets to pick again. If they don't match, the next players gets to pick to cards. The winner is the player with the most cards. The trick is to remember where cards of the same value are.

Snap: Share the cards out equally between players. In turns, players put one card down. If the card matches the one that has just been put down, players must say snap and touch the cards. The first person to say snap gets to keep the cards that have been put down. If a player has no cards left the other player keeps putting their cards down until they have put them all down. Players can still say snap if two consecutive cards match. The winner is the player with all the cards by the time all of the cards have been put down.

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