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Learning Objective for Today:

Know that all numbers are made up of smaller numbers.

Number Game 

For this activity you will need:

5x beanbags or small soft objects like cuddly toys

1x hoop, box, pan or other large container

A large piece of paper or whiteboard to keep score

*Alternatively, you can make beanbags by filling small food bags with uncooked rice and tying up tightly*


Help your child to throw the beanbags/toys into the box (encourage them to use under arm throw). How many of the toys landed in the container? How many landed outside?

Write up the score like this 

Score Board

Play several times so that your child starts to realise that there are always 4 objects but different ways to make 4 (2 in & 2 out,   3 in & 1 out,   4 in & 0 out,    0 in & 4 out etc)

Repeat the activity with 5.



Can your child use larger numbers (up to 10)

What do they notice about the number of different ways there are to make up these larger numbers?

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