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Number Pairs Challenge

Learning Intentions

  • Understand that there are lots of different ways to make 10
  • Become familiar with all the number pairs that make 10
  • Begin to use their knowledge of number values to make sensible predictions about which numbers might go together to make 10
  • Find ways to represent their findings

Make yourself a set of number cards 0-10 using paper, cards, post it notes etc,


0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10

Pair the numbers up to find all the different ways of making 10. How many different ways can you find to make 10 with 2 numbers?

Can you write them all down so that you can show me?

What did you notice about the different pairs of numbers?


Use small objects to help you add the numbers together. If you prefer you could use the numberline to count along, or you may prefer to use your fingers to add the numbers.


Then have a go at this game below

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