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Rapid Recall of Number Pairs to 10


Learning Intention

  • To encourage rapid recall of the number pairs that make 10
  • Know that numbers are made up of smaller numbers
  • Begin to notice patterns and arrangements
If children are able to quickly recall which numbers add together to make 10, they will be able to use this as a quick strategy for calculating and problem solving mentally. It is really important that children can recall theses number pairs quickly.
Try the activities below to help your child get quicker at recalling which pairs of numbers make 10

Play number pairs 

Use 2 sets of number cards/papers 0-10.


Hide one set of numbers around the house/garden. Place the other set in a pile. Turn over the top number and say it out loud, then run around the house to find it's partner to make 10. Who can be the first person to find the number needed to make the pair? Repeat until all the number cards in the pile are gone and each card is in a pair that makes 10.

Number Snap

using the same number cards, shuffle them into 2 piles and take turns to turn over the top card. When you see 2 numbers that make 10, players shout "Snap!". The first to shout, wins all the used cards to add to their pile.

How quickly can you play this game below?
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