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Learning Intention For Today:

To know that numbers are made up of smaller numbers


For this activity you will need:

  • a set of small toys or objects in 2 different colours (Eg. pieces of lego, building bricks, counters, coins)
  • The 10 frame from your learning pack (click below to download)
  • Your work book and a pencil




10 Frame to print

Your challenge is to see how many different ways you can find to make 4, using the coloured objects.

Place them on the top line of your frame to help you see the patterns.

Alternatively you may prefer to use the interactive version of this game (link below)

Here are some examples


Write down all the different combinations of colours you could find to make 4. Then repeat with 5 and then 6.

What do you notice about the number of different ways you can find as the numbers get bigger?


If your child finds this easy, try using a bigger number (up to 10) or using 3 different colour combinations!


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