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Measuring Shoes!

Following on from the lesson you watched yesterday, we are going to do some measuring today with non standard units (any small pieces that are roughly the same size). You might to choose to measure with pieces of pasta, paper clips, hair clips, grapes, coins etc. Smaller pieces are generally better.


Can you find one of your shoes. Use your measuring pieces to see how many pieces you need to measure from one end to the other. Remember, to be a good mathematician you should

  • Check that all your measuring pieces are about the same size.
  • Start from the very end of the shoe and make sure you measure all the way to the other end
  • Check your measuring pieces are just touching each other and don't overlap

Draw your shoe in your book and write down how many pieces you needed to measure the length.

Now can you choose someone else's shoe and do the same thing.


Who has the longest shoe?

How do you know?

Who has the shortest shoe?

Are all your shoes the same length?


Did you have any problems with your measuring? Were the pieces easy to fit along the shoe exactly? Perhaps they were a little too long or short to fit exactly?

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