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Introducing Cubes & Cuboids

Watch this teaching video to find out about cuboids and cubes. Can you play this game too?

Introducing Cubes & Cuboids

Parent Tip: Children often find it difficult to see the difference between cubes and cuboids. Use the activity below to help them.


-Using old boxes which are cubes/cuboids, encourage your child to draw around the faces of each box (or better still, use the faces for printing in paint). Which 2D hapes do they see on the paper? Can they tell now which are cubes and which cuboids.


-Similarly take an old cereal box apart gently and then get your child to cut along all the edges/folds. Which 2D shapes do they have when they have cut them all.

Look at this collection of photographs below. There are lots of different 3D shapes here but can you shout when you see cubes or a cuboids!

3D Shapes in the environment

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