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Counting backwards from 10

Learning Intentions

  • To be able to count backwards from 10 to 0.
  • Know that when we take away or subtract objects we move backwards on the numberline

Learn this song and practise counting back to 0.


Use your numberline to practise jumping backwards from 10 to 0 with your finger. Now use these challenges in the video to "take away", counting backwards with your numberline.

Use your book to write down what you are doing like this (or print the sheet)

5 take away 3 is ...........

8 take away 2 is ...........

6 take away 4 is............

10 take away 8 is..........

9 take away 8 is............

3 take away 2 is ...........

It is not necessary for the children to use the subtraction sign yet but if you wish to do so you can explain that it saves time to write - instead of takeaway.

Counting backwards


Can you try and do the same without using your numberline. Try and visualise the numberline in your head.

Parent Tip:

Children will often jump back by counting the number they are currently on, rather than jumping back a place first. Board games are very good for teaching children to jump forwards and backwards on a number track Eg. Snakes & Ladders

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