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Lesson 3

See the pictures below to show day 1 and day 2 of investigating what happens to plants when they are in the cold, in the dark or are not given enough water. You can start to complete your observation section of the investigation plan from last week. 


You will hopefully notice some differences between the control and the 'no water' cress containers. As yet, there is little difference in the dark and cold containers.


If you chose to investigate what happened between the control plant and the 'no water' plant, describe what you can see on your investigation plan. Leave room for further observation notes. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Things are starting to happen!


I've taken photos from above, and a photo of the control plant which has been in the light, the warmth and has been watered every day. 


The other photos beneath that have the control plant on the left, and the labelled other plant on the right hand side. You can easily compare what's happening. 


Do you notice what has happened to the plant with no water?

How are the plants in the dark and cold growing compared to the control plant?


Make notes onto your observation sheet.

Day 3

While we are waiting for more things to happen in our investigation, I've linked an Oak National lesson below on plant adaptation. The BBC Bitesize film on 'How do cacti survive without water?' is pretty cool too.
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