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Monday 29th June 


LI: To calculate angles around a point 


Mental Starter: Revision of prime numbers 

Start at Level 1 and see if you can progress to level 5...


*Key fact: angles around a point always total 360 degrees*

Try the True or False question: 

Now work your way through the powerpoint to develop your fluency. I will add the answers for you as well. 


You should now be ready to work thorough the relevant sections in your Power Maths book. Have a go at pages 69, 70 and 71. 

For the end of the lesson, use your knowledge about angles on a straight line and angles around a point in this game:

Tuesday 30th June 


LI: To calculate lengths and angles in shapes 


Let's start with some revision from our learning yesterday (angles around a point):


Today we are going to be learning about interior angles and polygons. I would like you to read through the information and note down the key facts.

Record this in your exercise book-use bullet points and sub-headings to organise your information.

Use your notes to help you work through the following powerpoint: 
Are you ready to work through your Power Maths questions now? Please complete pages 72 and 73. 

Wednesday 1st July


LI: To identify regular and irregular polygons 


Mental Starter: Prime numbers and triangular numbers

Start at Level 1-can you work your way to Level 5?


I would like you to investigate regular and irregular polygons. Can you make your own definition? Can you give examples? What is special about the angles in different polygons? Record what you find in your exercise book. Try this website if you are stuck:


Now let's try the True or False question for today: 

Complete as many questions as you can on pages 87, 88, 89 of your Power Maths Workbook. 


Let's finish the lesson with a quiz:

Thursday 2nd July 


End of unit test laugh


You've worked hard on our angles unit. Now we need to see if you can apply your knowledge. I would like you to complete the White Rose end of unit test for angles (you will be used to doing these in school).

I will also upload the answers for you. 

It would be really helpful if you could email me your score! 

Friday 3rd July


Reward yourself with an hour or two of maths games and puzzles: