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Monday 13th July 


LI: To understand what volume is 


Here is a lovely little song to get us ready for volume!!


Enjoy laugh

Have a go at the questions on the powerpoint: 

Here are the answers: 


Now work through page 143 in your Power Maths Book. 

Tuesday 14th July 


LI: To understand volume as a measurement


Oral/mental starter:


Let's recap from yesterday. In your exercise book, write a definition of what we mean by volume. How do we measure volume? 


I'd like you to work through the following powerpoint. Record your answers in your exercise book. The answers are on the powerpoint as well, so pace yourself-and don't cheat!



Wednesday 15th July 


LI: To compare volume 


Oral/mental starter:


Today we are going to use our understanding of what volume is to compare different volumes. 


Now have a go at the questions from your Power Maths Book (pages 146-147)

Thursday 16th July 


LI: To estimate volume 


Oral/mental starter: