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Hello Blue Team! There have been very few views on the videos for this group so please email me at to let me know if you are accessing them and would find more videos useful. As long as there is demand there will be more virtual maths lesons!


In the mean time there will be a daily maths activity or video posted here.

Thank you.

Friday 17th July

Warm Up

Hop on one foot and count to 10 as you do so. Do the same counting backwards from 10.


10 Special Things

Collect 10 small objects from around your home. These could be building bricks, beads, soft toys, crayons, or anything else you can safely get your hands on. Double check by counting that you have got 10 things. Now, using your knowledge of number bonds to 10 see if you can find all the number bonds to 10 by dividing your objects into 2 groups. Try and divide them into different sized groups each time!


Now see if you can help the robots to launch their rocket by teaching them the number bonds to 10!


Thursday 16th July

To warm up, jump up and down and count to 20 forwards and backwards! Try to do one jump for each number you say.


Using double sided counters to find number bonds to 10

Have another look at the part of lesson 5 where we made double sided counters. Can you make 5 more counters so that you have 10 in total? Then try shaking them up in your hands, dropping them, and counting how many of each colour you can see. How many different number bonds to 10 can you find playing this game? Can you write them down as pairs of numbers? You might spot the same number bonds a few times in the process!

Go to 4 minutes in for double sided counters!

Wednesday 15th July 

Have a game of number hide and seek with Curious George!

Explore the 10 frame game in the link below. To start with select a frame with 10 boxes from the options at the top of the screen. Then drag and drop the pink and orange monsters to fill all 10 boxes. Can you make it so there are the same number of pink monsters and orange monsters? How about filling the boxes differently so there are more pink and fewer orange monsters, and vice versa. Find as many different ways to fill the 10 boxes counting how many pink monsters and how many orange monsters there are each time. These are the number bonds to 10! How many can you make?

Tuesday 14th July

Practise your adding with this game:

Now watch Miss Knight's video clip on how to use paper to make some flippy floppy counting hands!

These will help you to find different ways to make 10!

Monday 13th July


This week we are learning about making 10. This includes counting to 10 and using number binds for addition.


Warm up today by playing Teddy Numbers!

Now watch Numberblocks sing a song all about making 10. How many different ways can you spot them making 10? Which ones did you already know?
Now watch this video. Can you spot more ways to make 10? Perhaps you can make number bonds to 10 using building blocks or small toys at home? For example, starting with 10 things, then try splitting them into 2 groups like the Numberblocks do in the videos.

Friday 3rd July

Collect 6 special things from around your home - these might be 6 soft toys, 6 building blocks, 6 pencils, 6 counters, or anything else you have that's small enough to carry! Line them up and check by counting that you definitely have 6 things.


Now using a dice if you have one, or you can use the virtual dice linked below, to roll a number. Practise taking away this many things and see how many you have left!


You could play with someone and take turns. The first person to have 0 things left is the winner!

Extend the game by starting with 10 things.


Thursday 2nd July

Watch this Numberblocks video and see how many different ways to make 5 you can spot. How many ways can you think of before watching the video and how many ways after? You could play along with the Numberblocks by using 5 of your own building blocks to make 5!


Now try making 5 in different ways using this online game.

Starting with 2 trees in the picture choose 5 things to put in the trees. Experiment with different ways of arranging your 5 things between the two trees. For example, you might start with 5 birds sitting in one tree and then make 3 of them fly to the other tree. How many are left in the first tree? How many ways can you make the trees look different?

Wednesday 1st July

Remember "10 Green Bottles" from yesterday? Today use the 10 frame in the link below to sing it yourself. Start by filling it up with 10 counters (you can pretend they are the green bottles!) and while you sing "10 Green Bottles" take one away each time. Count how many are left to continue the song. Can you teach it to somebody at home?


You can also practise taking away one using the fat sausages sizzling in a pan!

Tuesday 30th June
Begin learning to take away 1 thing at a time by counting backwards.
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