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Learning Intention:

To continue, copy and create repeating patterns


Watch the video below and then have a go at creating some patterns yourself. Is your pattern repeating?

Patterning Activity

Top Tips for Parents

Being able to recognise patterns and talk about them which help your child to see the relationships and patterns in numbers. This is essential for problem solving and mathematical challenges.

Look for patterns in your home and the environment when you are out and about.


Start with just 2 colours then extend to 3 or even 4. 


Templates for colouring patterns

Look carefully in the picture below and see how many patterns you can see. I spotted colour patterns

Searching For Patterns

Did you spot them all?

  • Percy's stripy mug
  • Stripes on the vase
  • curtains
  • rabbit's bobble hat
  • rabbit's blanket
  • keys on the keyboard
  • Percy's pyjamas
  • fox's pillow
  • the dressing gown cord
  • Badger's blanket
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