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Hello Purple Team!

Welcome to your special maths section of the class web page. You will be able to continue your maths learning by clicking on the links to watch Miss Knight's video lessons and join in. There will be a new lesson for each day that your whole team are at home (this means a new lesson every day on alternating weeks). During the week when there are no new video lessons for your team please refer to the parent prompt activities and daily challenges, or continue practising the skills you have learnt from the video lessons.


Remember, we love to hear from you so feel free to email or with news from home or photos of your home learning!

Friday 10th July


Warm up by clapping your hands as you count to 20 forwards and backwards. Can you do it starting at a random number as well as starting from 1 or 20?


What do you already know about the word half? Where have you seen halves before?

Listen to the story to find out more about finding half.


When it's finished go and look for things around the home that can be divided in half. For example, when you are eating dinner or lunch can you cut your food in half to make 2 equal pieces? Can you share out a quantity of smaller things into 2 equal groups, e.g. sharing out toys or snacks with another person.

Give Me Half! by Stuart J. Murphy

Here is a game you can play to practise sharing things fairly into 2 groups.

For a further challenge have a go at the attached activity. Try sharing out the spots onto the ladybirds' wings so they have the same amount on each side.

Thursday 9th July


Warm up: Can you hop on one foot and count to 20 forwards and backwards while you do so? Try to say one number per hop you do!


Bingo: Make your own Bingo game by choosing 6 numbers at random between 1 and 20 and writing them down. To make it look like a Bingo board you could draw a grid with 6 boxes in first, and write your chosen numbers in the boxes. Ask someone at home to do the same choosing 6 numbers of their own. Shuffle your number cards to 20 and place them face down in a pile. Take it in turns to turn them over one at a time. If you can see then umber on your Bingo board you can cross it off. The first player to cross off all their numbers is the winner. Don't forget to shout Bingo!


After the game has finished try writing your 6 chosen numbers in order from smallest to greatest, or greatest to smallest.


For an extra challenge you can change the game to One More Bingo - this is where instead of looking for the number on the card that was turned over, look for one ore than that number. Use your number track if you need to and you could even try playing One Less Bingo too!

Wednesday 8th July

For maths today there is a Numberblocks video for you to watch and some games to play online. First, watch and join in with this Numberblocks song all about counting to 20! You'll see lots of different ways to count to 20 here.

Rescue people from the mountains by finding one more and one less than numbers to 20 in Chopper Squad!

Put the ladybirds in order of how many spots they have. Take care to read the labels at the top so you know which way to order them: from lowest to highest or from highest to lowest.

Tuesday 7th July

Monday 6th July

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