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Hello Green Team!

Welcome to your special maths section of the class web page. You will be able to continue your maths learning by clicking on the links to watch Miss Knight's video lessons and join in. There will be a new lesson for each day that your whole team are at home (this means a new lesson every day on alternating weeks). During the week when there are no new video lessons for your team please refer to the parent prompt activities and daily challenges, or continue practising the skills you have learnt from the video lessons.


Remember, we love to hear from you so feel free to email or with news from home or photos of your home learning!

Friday 10th July


Use your number knowledge to solve these picnic problems for Baby Bear! Draw pictures or use objects to solve them.


1. Owl and Baby Bear would both like to have 2 sandwiches each at their picnic. How many sandwiches will Baby Bear need to pack all together?

2. Owl and Baby Bear would each like to eat 5 biscuits at their picnic. How many should Baby Bear pack all together?

3. Owl and Baby Bear would each like 10 grapes at their picnic. How many will Baby Bear need to pack all together?

Further challenge: Play Doggy Dinners* where you have to share the dog food fairly between the dogs! How many are you starting with in total? How many dogs are there and how many bones will each dog get in its bowl?


*Don't worry about the number sentences, the most important thing to focus on is sharing the bones into groups.

Thursday 9th July


Warm up: See if you can use your prior learning to solve the problem.


At school there are 15 snacks left over and 3 children say they are still hungry. Can you share the snacks out fairly so that all 3 children get the same amount?


Draw a picture or use objects to help you solve it.


Have a go at making some 10 shapes like the Numicon pieces we use at school. You will need to draw a rectangle that is big enough to draw 10 circles inside (2 columns of 5). Ask an adult to help you with this part. Try making several 10s and then making a number sequence that counts in 10s! The first number in the sequence will be 10... then when you add another 10 what total does it make? Try adding another 10 and see what happens!


Below is a song about counting in 10s.

Numicon 10

Wednesday 8th July

For maths today please watch the Numberblocks episode below and see if you can use what you've learnt to help the Numberblocks to count in 2s!

Now watch this Numberblocks song about counting to 20 (below) paying close attention to the part where they count to 20 using their fingers and toes! Can you count to 20 using all your fingers and toes in the same way? When we do this we count in groups of 5 because we have 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot! Draw around your hands or feet (or make hand/ foot prints using paint). Label each hand or foot with every 5th number to create a number sequence that counts in 5s. Take a look at the picture below as an example. How far can you take your number sequence?

Tuesday 7th July

Monday 6th July

Green team maths lesson 11

Friday 26th June

Green team maths lesson 10

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Today's lesson is in two parts. Please make sure to watch them both in order.

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