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*LIVE* Tuesday

Hello Everyone!

Discussion/Topic Activity: 

This term we are going to be learning about the weather, particularly winter weather. Have a look outside, what is the weather like today? Is the weather the same every day? Can you remember what season it is at the moment? How do you know?

When you came to school this morning to collect your learning pack you should have found a weather recording sheet, with the days of the week on it. Can you find Tuesday and draw a picture to show me what the weather is doing today. Remember just to draw in the box for Tuesday. Tomorrow we can look out of the window again and see if it has changed, keep it safe for tomorrow.





Phonics for Today:

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Maths for Today:

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Daily Challenge:

*Listen to the story "The Very Noisy Night" (link below)


*Did you like this story? When you have done this I want you to do some careful listening. Sit down on the floor and close your eyes. Keep them closed for a few minutes, what can you hear?

Can you remember all the sounds that you could hear? Can you ask your parent to write them all down. How many did you hear?

If you have time later, go out for a short walk and listen again outside. What did you hear this time? Were the sounds the same or different?

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