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Your learning activity for today is similar to your first maths lesson last week but focused on the 5x tables instead. Try to make the 5x tables using objects/items in your house. You can use pencils, toys, fruit, rice etc. as long as you have your parents' permission.


Put the items into groups of five and find the total amount. e.g. 1 group of 5 equals 5, 2 groups of 5 equals 10 etc.


What do you notice about the answers? Is there a pattern?


Can you set out the objects into arrays so every column has the same amount of objects and every row has the same amount as well?


Can you then write the repeated additions and multiplications for each of these e.g. 2 groups of 5 equals 10 so 5+5=10 and 5x2=10?


Think about which multiplication you find trickiest and keep practising this.

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